Countdown to My Last Days in My Current Work

my cubicle - a bit messy but I'm gonna miss this one
@fedge098 (1331)
August 30, 2008 1:29am CST
It is now down to one week and I will be officially off my cubicle. The feeling becomes sadder and sadder I could feel the tears accumulating in the side of my eyes. I try to control my self and keep this uneasy feeling from being manifested in my face. For I do not want my office friends to see the loneliest part I’m feeling. The assurance that they have appreciated my presence in the office is one of the things that make me feel that I’ve been a good member of this firm. The smile that I see in their faces makes me feel they are at comfort when I am around them. But still the idea is killing me. I do not want to move apart my seat, just for a moment let me stay a little longer. I’ve been attached to you; I’ve been attached with you my friends. It really hurts. Let me be the next to say, “Thank you and Good Bye”.
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