will you keep your baby to a stranger for baby sitting?

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@laila675 (528)
United Arab Emirates
August 30, 2008 2:11am CST
if you don't have a choice will you keep your babies to strangers will you go back at work after birth delivery? i'm a working mom and we don't have a nanny at home, we are far away from our families so we can't leave our baby to any of our relatives. it's either we sent her to our immediate family of keep her with us and send her to a baby caretaker. hmmmm it's a very hard decision but we must to move on. on the first day i really felt guilty of leaving her to someone i don't know much. but thanks God coz so far our baby is ok and the caretaker is hundling her good.
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• Germany
20 Dec 08
Hi, laila. I will not leave my baby to a stranger for baby sitting unless the baby sitter has a very good reputation in the town. It's really hard decision to make whether to be a stay at home mom or a working mom. If i were in this situation and i love my job so much, i think i will apply for the unpaid leave for a few months, in these few months, i will hire a babysitter but then she has to come to my house and take care of the baby when i'm around. I will observe whether she is a right person for my baby. If she is good and responsible person, then i can continue my job without too much worries about my baby. If i really cannot find a suitable babysitter, then i only can sacrifice my job for the sake of baby. Baby is much more important in my life if i have no financial problem. It's quite pity to miss the every single moments of the growth of baby and the first three years are important period. I think most probably i will be a stay at home mom. Cheers, and have a nice day!
@laila675 (528)
• United Arab Emirates
20 Dec 08
hi lulu, can i call you lulu? you know some people call my husband lulu financial thing is the problem that's why i have to be back to my job. living in a foreign country is difficult. having a permanent babysitter is hard to sponsor as it needs a certain minimum salary requirement. i'm thinking of sending her to my family but since my husband is a foreigner too i need to be equal to his family tooo... maybe i should make another one for his family but just like what you've said, i don't want to miss her growing moments. i actually missing it already and i don't want to miss it totally. with prayers, the baby sitter is a good person and taking good care of my baby. thanks for the time commenting and the advice. have a nice day.
@mac1946 (1602)
• Calgary, Alberta
7 Dec 08
I would not go for a complete stranger,but if you have any younger children ( 12 years and up) that have had some training in babysitting,sure. I started babysitting at home at the age of 10 and started sitting for neibours at 12. I have now been at it for around 40 years. Many Blessings
@laila675 (528)
• United Arab Emirates
20 Dec 08
it does scares me at first but thanks God my daughter is fine. and i just keep on track with them in between. thanks for your response.
@kaka135 (14130)
• Malaysia
15 Jan 09
Well, I am not comfortable to let a stranger take care of my baby, also I do not know whether she will really take care of my baby well or educate him well. I had this concern too, as I am pregnant now. But my husband and I have already decided to send my baby back to the hometown and let his grandparents take care of him. It's about 3 hour drive from where I stay to my hometown, that means we are not able to see my baby every day, and also we will need to travel back to the hometown every week to see my baby. I find it more comfortable this way, also I think the baby will be happier as there are more kids in his grandparents' house, so that he will not be lonely.