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@joihie (224)
August 30, 2008 7:33am CST
Are you a writer? Then you're in luck. You have a lot of chances to earn online on the internet. I will now present a quick rundown on different opportunities for writers online. 1. Blogging Blogging is perhaps the easiest way to earn online for the writer. A writer crafs a blog post, post it in his or her blog and when someone comes to read it, and got diverted into the ads. Then the blogger gains money. But of course, it's easier said than done. It's easy to write, yes, but it requires a consistent effort. It will only take a few hours of the day to make posts. They are fun to write because they are informal and conversational. But what blogging requires is that you should keep this up day after day. Blogging can only be successful if you post every day. Well, at least that's what expert bloggers are doing. Also, marketing your blog is important. You should let the world know your blog exists. No one will read your posts if you have no visitors. And you can count that no one will ever click your ads. You should learn basic link building to market your blog and earn from it if you are interested in taking this path. 2. Ebook Writing Ebooks are everywhere. Almost every niche topic you can think of has an ebook on the internet. But how can a writer earn from ebook writing? Well, that is if you make your ebook stand out from the others. Are you good at something? Then share it via an ebook. Make sure that you pack it with content and not just measly pictures. Also not that the content must be useful. Fluff is the first thing that will prevent your buyers from recommending your ebook. A lot of internet marketers have earned from this alone. They are incredible writers but amazing marketers as well. Marketing is essential if you are planning to sell an ebook. You should create your own website or sell it off on ebay. Your choice. 3. Freelancing There are a lot of freelancing websites on the internet. There is getafreelancer.com and elance.com. Of course,there are a whole lot more. The beauty of freelancing is that it has instant returns. Ebook Marketing and blogging is recurring but takes a while to build up. Freelancing is like a home job. You get paid for each task you do. There are a lot of people who have succeeded in freelancing. It all starts on getting that first task. It always helps to have your own website with samples of your work to start. You may even offer free servuce just to score a client and feedback. It all depends on you. The chances of success of freelancing is undeniable. 4. Paid Reviews There is an ongoing debate with paid reviews. Some say they are getting out of hand. Despite the negativity, good money can still come from this. A lot of bloggers benefit from this. The only requirement though is having an established website. By established I mean a website with a decent amount of traffic. 5. Article Sites There is now the birth of article sites like associated content. I heard some members here at MyLot is benefitting from this opportunity. I haven't tried it myself since it's limited to US. But perhaps you can find similar sites. The possibilities for writers are endless. All they need to know is where to go and how to start. How about you? How are you benefitting from your writing ability?
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• China
30 Aug 08
i do not know if i am a writer.sometimes i like writing some thing about myself.but not long.when i write,i feel happy.and i can forget some bad thing.i think it is good benefit.
@joihie (224)
• Philippines
30 Aug 08
What I like about writing is free expression. You can be a good writer through practice. Well, that's how I learned about it.