what's the best diet pills to take?

August 30, 2008 9:02am CST
i was informed by my cousin that he used to take this pink diet pill... It has no english name written but it's in japanese. He said it's for weight reduction ... It's in a white bottle wrapped w/ pink paper with a silhouette of a girl... Now, he cant find it coz he lost contact with the doctor who supplied him with that. Have you seen this? and have you tried it? It's to be taken twice a day. You will lose weight in a week.. You will just lose appetite, no toilet calls... I really want to lose weight fast, and I dont need laxatives okay? Most diet pills are laxatives. One I took was fitrum and the effect was not good. Instead of losing weight, I gained more. I took a weight reduction drink and tablets named Crypto, but it didn't work either... Can anyone share some diet pills that's good for me? thanks..
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@zeroflashx2 (2491)
• Philippines
31 Aug 08
My friend, I do suggest that you do not take diet pills at all. Most of them have side effects that are not good at all such as itching and any other symptoms (such as underlying circulatory disorders). Fitrum and other drinks are fine (those with high fiber such as pineapple juice) but it won't work alone. You still have to increase your metabolism by exercising/working out and you have to eat the right foods in the right amount and in the right time. It isn't that easy at all. I'm having a hard time losing weight but I'm happy. So far so good. 59 lbs. in 4 months. If you want pills to help you out in losing weight, take vitamins instead. It will give you more energy and will make you more active so you could exercise efficiently and make most out of your time. Take care and good luck.
@fangqin (142)
• China
30 Aug 08
Just several days before one of my friends told me that she want to lose weight by eating diet pills.I discouraged her at once.I heared that most diet pills are just laxatives and do harm to your health.Keep fit is many people's dream .However health is more important.
@klaudine (3652)
• Indonesia
30 Aug 08
I don't believe in diet pills.. I used it back then, but I felt that it is not healthy. I'd rather see my doctor and ask about nutrition that my body would need.. and have a healthy diet and go for exercises if you have time.
@Laura84 (191)
30 Aug 08
I personally wouldn't take any diet pills, you never know what is in them. I would also be wary of ones which cause you to lose appetite as you will not be getting the nutrients you need. I would just suggest a healthy balanced diet.