Daughter A New Mother!!

United States
August 30, 2008 10:18am CST
My daughter is 19 y soon to be 20 and just had her first baby! I've had lots of people make derogatory comments regarding her age. I am proud of all my children that have kids of their own. One: They were all older than their dad and I were. Two: They have a strong sense of responsibility and strive to always put their children first. Three: They all have only one child each. Four: I love my grandbabies. The most important thing to me is that they are all healthy, being taken care of, and are apart of my life. So many are having children out of wedlock and now that I am older I really don't agree with it. Children are a blessing from God however they were conceived and once the deed is done being wise enough to carry the child and take care of it on a day-to-day basis is wonderful. In an age were abandonment, abuse, neglect, and predators run ramport I am happy that they are doing the right thing. Shawn Fugett
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• United States
1 Sep 08
You have made many valid points and though i would hope that my son doesnt become a young father or my daughter if i had one become a young mother, if it happens you look at it as a blessing...babies no matter how conceived or when, are always blessings. To be honest if you look at the statistics, I am sure that now adays 19 is like 30 use to be, its the norm. there are far more having babies at the mid teens 14-16. As long as you have done a graet job with raising her and teaching her responsibility, and it sounds as though you have, I am sure all will be just fine. Good luck and congrats on the new blessing.
• United States
3 Sep 08
Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments. I truly am enjoying our new bundle of joy. My daughter will be attending nursing school in the spring so I think she has a much better grasp on her life than I did at 19. For that I am grateful
• Australia
31 Aug 08
There is always some-one who has something negative to say ,it would be nice if people said nothing if they had nothing good to say ,don't let them upset you ,enjoy your grandchildren they grow up so fast.
• United States
30 Aug 08
Kiss her. Hug her and help her be the best Mom she can be. That's all you can do. Don't worry about the comments people make. They mean well, but they don't live in your shoes.
• United States
30 Aug 08
God bless you and your family. After all You tell us that your grandchildren are wanted and very well taken care of. What's more to say. I have heard of horror stories of older people having children and not taking care of them and hurting them. Look at the Casey Anthony story. I was 16 when I had my first baby and I love him just as much as the son I just gave birth to at 28 years old. You keep being pround of your children and grandbabies. Who cares what anyone else thinks? You sound like a wonderful grandmother.