Is Miley really that good?

@pythia7 (139)
United States
August 30, 2008 10:54am CST
Do you think Miley Cyrus deserves all the fanfare?
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• United States
19 Jul 09
well i heard miley cyrus sing live. she wasn't all that good of a singer and i heard alot of other people sing live and they were way better than her. and i guess miley was just tired she sings alot of songs each performance and she can't be great all the time. and not only that she sings alot of songs great live and other songs not so great live and i think thats ok. because i love miley! and i do think she deserve all this fanfare. its good and bad at times. she knew that coming into it and shes a great actress good for her.
@glistar (127)
• United States
9 Oct 08
Yes and no. I do find her success to be well-deserved because she does so much at such a young age, that takes work and dedication I don't think I possessed at 16 years of age. She's a decent role model for kids and no, I don't mind that she's on kid merchandise. The part that really irks me is when E! Entertainment and other entertainment news shows think its necessary to report on her life every episode to update everyone on her most recent concert/mv/sighting/etc. It's great that she's popular, but unneccessary for me to feel like I have to know anything about her personal ife. I don't find her THAT interesting.
• India
30 Sep 08
yes ofcourse she is the best singer america has produced. she got all her fame from her disney channnel show hannah montana. she has sung many songs as hannah as well as miley cyrus. though they were many problems about her pics and all those as we see her talent and voice she is the best .she is the best rolemodel for any future singer. i dont think a person should b all good if we like only their singing. just like her talent and dont bother about her personal life[i feel it that way]
@Sheepie (3118)
• United States
30 Aug 08
I couldn't say. I don't think she has any kind of special talent at all, I hear girls sing way better than her, with unique styles, she's kind of boring. Nothing special, she's all talk. I can't understand why people with real talent are ignored.
@vellibiz (297)
• United States
30 Aug 08
in her earlier career yeah, when she was humble...that disney money make em snotty quick...i mean she really is a stuck up girl, off of 8 year olds. i think somewhere down the line people like her need to be replaced. in cycles i wouldnt want my daughter following her direction.
• United States
30 Aug 08
When her career started opening up, she was actually a pretty good ro-model for younger kids. Even though her show is still the same, she is becoming more and more like the downfall of Lindsey Lohan. She has made a lot of bad pictures which have confirmed to be her. This is not what good ro-models do and yet she still considers herself as one.