How many language can you speak?

@insulin (2483)
August 30, 2008 11:14am CST
Well english is my second language and yeah I can use about 5 languages which are yeah english,german,filipino,spanish and some my local language.I love speaking them and yeah it's really cool learning lots of languages because you can easily have conversation around the world.As of now,I am still learning more about german because yeah my fiancee is german and he wants me to learn german but at the same time his learning my language too.:-0 How about you? HOw many language can you manage to speak? THanks.Feel free to leave a comment
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@lkbooi (16102)
• Malaysia
31 Aug 08
Hi insulin, other than the dialect which I am used to speak with parents and siblings since childhood, I could other three more local dialects. Students in our place are encouraged to learn at least two languages since elementary grades. So I can speak fluently languages of Chinese, English, Malay and Indonesian. It’s quite convenient if we could speak and use more languages especially when we have vacation in foreign countries, so I would like to learn one more language. I’m still not sure whether French or Spanish to be chosen. posting and have a nice day.
@nic_knick (741)
• China
31 Aug 08
good for you. well . i can speak my local language and also i studied english in my college and germany and now i am learning japanese and spanish. we can share some learning tips in spanish. i hope. i love espanol.......
@stellarjade (1240)
• United States
30 Aug 08
English is my first language. I have studied spanish and french in school and can speak them fairly well. Since I don't use them that much, and have forgotten some of it though. I would love to learn finnish and italian too.
@abhichin (159)
• India
30 Aug 08
Only 4- english,hindi,punjabi.,sanskrit
@INGA832 (1114)
• Russian Federation
30 Aug 08
I can speak English rather well, French and a little bit Finnish.
@jerzgirl (7892)
• Gloucester City, New Jersey
30 Aug 08
I can speak English (native) and Spanish (living in So. American as a child, classes in school, marriage to a Mexican-American) as well as just enough German to get what I've needed in Germany ("where is", "how much", etc.) I'd like to learn more German some day.
@cet1987 (209)
• Malaysia
30 Aug 08
i can speak in 3 languages..i can speak my local language, english , a little bit arabic..i'll learn japanese later..