How do you treat someone you're mad at?

August 30, 2008 11:33pm CST
For me it'd a case to case basis. Why do I say so? When I get my with the people who are not close to me and I don't even know just making gossip about me, I oftenly confront her/him regarding the issue. I don't like people back stabbing at my back. I hate that. When we speak of my family and close friends, what I do is that not to talk with them until they realized that I have no plan to talk with them unless they talk me first. LOL! I know that is a bad attitude I have and believe it or not I am trying to change that. I must learn to have more patience and understanding in order for me to handle my temper. How about you my friend?
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@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
31 Aug 08
wow brings back a memory where i got mad at someone for being judgemental and for being utterly rude, this person has been stabbing my back too... and guess what?? i felt mad at him for a while, kinda cursed him hehe but then i guess it will never turn things around and it won't solve anything so what i did was to think positive that this is just part of the game and i started to relax.. soon enough when i saw the person, well i did not even feel any anger anymore and i just felt as though he is just a person i knew for the first time. i guess that is how God wants us to react to criticisms, take them positively, move on.. be happy