Are you comfortable telling people "no"when they ask you something?

August 31, 2008 12:27am CST
Actually I am not that so uncomfortable telling no specially to my friends if they are asking me to drink alcohol because they know already that I don't drink and I don't smoke so I don't get uncomfortable of refusing their invitations ans they understand and respect my decision. Nice right?
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• India
2 Sep 08
I am filling uncomfortable to say no to "some body". It is difficult for me to say no. due to this i am facing lots of problem sometime.
@applefreak (3131)
• Singapore
31 Aug 08
i used to feel really bad telling others 'no'. i also did not know how to do it. so i'll agree to things i didn't want to do and invites to events i didn't want to attend. after working for a few years, i realise it's taking a toll on my personal life. i don't have the time to do things i really want to do. some 'friends' blame me when i agreed to something, tried but still failed. i slowly learnt how to say no. cheers ;p
@pjj105 (47)
• China
31 Aug 08
sure,I seldom drink and smoke,but most of my friends do.we are friends not because of these common habits but heart-to-heart communication,so they respect my decision and usually say nothing to my rejection.
@hellcowboy (7383)
• United States
31 Aug 08
I am usually very comfortable when it comes to telling people such as my friends no and all though some of them have trouble taking no as an answer if I keep telling them and eventually get pissed and start yelling they will back off,and like you I do not drink and I refuse to because I feel it is stupid to drink,and all my friends no better than to try to get me to drink.