The Journey Of The Medical Claims

United States
August 31, 2008 1:13am CST
Many people don't realize that the paperwork that goes with the medical record, there are several different steps involved before the medical record is billed to the insurance company. 1. The record is sent into the billing office from the hospital coordinator this person makes sure all the parts of the medical record is signed in the right places & all the service sheets are included then there are batched together & delivered to the billing office. 2. The medical record is then received by the receiving dept who then logs in the batch as received then passes the batch to the next dept. 3. The medical claim then goes to the insurance verfiers so they can contact the insurance companies to makes sure the patients are covered by ins 4. Then the medical record goes to the coding dept this is where the coders reasd the record for the doctors notes & select the proper CPT & ICD-9 codes for the proper procedures 5.Then the medical record goes to the data entry dept this is where all the information is keyed into the computer including the different codes etc, then a "Hic" claim is generated this claim is then mailed to the insuance company to be payed 6. The the medical record goes to the scanning dept this is where the medical record is then scanned into the computer so if at a later date someone needs a copy of themedical record it's much easier to retrieve then if it had to be ordered from the file room dept. 7. The final step is the medical records finds a home in the file room for 5-6 months just inc ase some one needs to see the hard copy of the medical record. Did you think the medical reord takes this long to get processed?
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