In what extent of you being a daughter...???

August 31, 2008 1:52am CST
Like everyone of us we all love our parents and our family but the question is into what extent we help them??? Well love always been their because we are all part of such family,we are raise and brought up good person as much as possible a good Christian's to be...But what if you are going to find your own happiness to the one you want to shared your life with...Are they still can force you to ask whatever they want I mean if they can still ask more help that you yourself also needs to be help?I've experience it lately as I made to decide to have my own family or want to stand for my own two feet and learn what really life means...Well as I decide to live at my boyfriend's house same thing that I also work in there as a freelancer at first everything are fine as i receive my salary I always put aside a money for my family, paying bills and buying things that are necessary for their needs but one incident came that test me how and where should be the extent for me to help them...the cpu I am using actually was own by my sister I've been using it for my work but suddenly she wants it back without any warning for me to be able to prepared myself and find some alternative way to where i will do my work...i was really disappointed and hurt so much that time, thats why my savings at the bank was used to buy my own cpu and luckily i am the mother of my boyfriend lend me money in addition to my money so that i can buy a new cpu as I was needed it badly...then after that as week runs by i receive my salary and I pay the money I lend but my family asked money on me for the bills and other things that they need and I explained my side to them that my money i receive for my salary is not enough for my own needs to buy because i payed someone for the money i lend but they insist in fact they are mad at me saying "IF I DONT LIKE TO GIVE THEM THEN I SHOULDN'T GIVE THEM AT ALL"what did I'm done wrong???Am i that bad daughter at all???To where and what extent am I helping them??? How will I stand to this situations??I felt like I was pulled over between two pulls or playing like a tag of war between my family and my decision of having my own family...Well i am not yet married I am only want to see what life really is be prepared for more trials...
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@tewiawi (63)
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1 Sep 08
Helping our family is not bad, but to shoulder the "supposed responsibility" of the parents to their children is not good either. You need to let them understand the situation, we are not getting any younger. And soon, you will have your own family and I'm sure you don't want your kids to experience the difficulties you have right now. Everybody wants to have their family a good life, right? If they have to say bad things about you, let them do. Sooner or later they will realize your point. You just need to be tough, it will also prepare you for whatever challenges you might encounter. But beyond that, you still need to have the heart, just learn how to use it wisely. However,it's time to have something for yourself.
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