Earning, investing and selling... tips

@Aiwendel (105)
United States
August 31, 2008 6:22am CST
Hello I'd like to discuss and share some tips about some subjects that aren't discussed a lot here on "Make Extra Money". Affiliate marketing (Amazon, Ebay, CJ.com), Investing and Blogging. And also, I'd like to share some tips on selling on ebay.. Another thing I haven't heard mentioned on here is Amazon Mturk. As an associate I make most of my money from Amazon Associates, and starting to make some from Ebay Partner network. Another one I've been trying lately is CJ.com, I have around 3000 displays and 5% clickthrough, but no earnings yet so far on there. I'll share two tips here, if you promise to respond to this post, and check out my blog http://tubeblogger.blogspot.com 1. For buying and selling there's the magic phrase "ebay completed listings" Because the ebay completed listings is your insight into some valuable market details. Here's how to access it: you simply go to the advanced search and check the box called "show completed listings only" and then search for any item you wish to buy low and sell high. You get to see the latest prices an item sold for on ebay (listed in green), or if it didn't sell (listed in red). This gives you valuable info of what you can expect to sell an item for, and if you watch the item and the prices like a hawk, you'll how to grab a hold of items that are severely under-priced/underbid. Another place where I sell products is on Zazzle. I took the time (about half an hour) and designed a few weird/funny products, didn't really think any were gonna sell because I never really finished them, but they do sell every now and then, its hillarious ;p wish I had the inspiration to just keep making them, you can design skateboards now. 2. Make your blogs/posts/zazzle etc. popular with mturk, & social bookmarking. You can either be a worker on mturk or use it for many different tasks as a provider, like getting traffic to your site by having it bookmarked and commented on etc for around $0.02 Try being a worker on mturk and earn a few bucks first so you get a hang of how the jobs look, then make your own jobs. Another option is to use Stumbleupon's "advertisers" tools, located at the bottom of the page. You can pay with paypal $0.05 and get one targeted customer/stumbler. Or you can use CREAMaid to pay people to blog about your blog... Pheww.. those were a few tips actually.. So lets hear some more tips in this category.
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