Is single child the best policy ?

August 31, 2008 9:26am CST
I have one son . We are happy along with our parents . (We are five -our parents , our only son and we two .) I am a mediocre earner and my wife is home maker . I am very serious about education and health care . Both of them are growing in cost day by day and the pace of increase is accelerating year after year . Price level of other common goods is also rapidly rising . Last few months I have failed to save a single penny out of my monthly salary . There is no sign of reversal of the trend of living expenditure . In such a situation I am quite sceptical of the future financial condition .Hence , i have almost decided not to go for the second child . What is the benefit if I cannot afford a good education and health and food for the children . But my son , who is 6 years old now , has started to urge for his baby sister . Moreover , my collegues and friends also sometimes raise the question why I don't go for the 2nd issue . They have to say that single children suffer from some loneliness. What is your opinion and advice ?
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@rainmark (4306)
31 Aug 08
In my point of view, it's okay to have more than one child as long as you can afford it, as of now i have a son and we have planning to have 2nd baby after 3 years, so that we can save and prepare for the future financies.If you think that in future you can't afford to have more than one child, then stick to single child policy so that you will not worried about your future and your kids future. The choose is yours.
• Singapore
31 Aug 08
I guess each one of us would have our own opinion about this. I know that my mum is bugging to have more than one. She told me that my biological clock is ticking, bla..bla..bla.. At this moment, we really do not have any space to have another one. My daughter doesn't even have her own room. Plus in-laws staying with us, the burden is heavy for my husband. That's why I have to look for ways to make money online.