Turne a computer to a Radio station !?

@hichamov (507)
August 31, 2008 12:08pm CST
hello mates i just wonder if anyone can provide me some links or a good tutorial, soft, anything, to turne my computer to a Radio, in a another meaning, streaming songs in the net ... if there is a free website , please let me know about... thank you.
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@pinks17 (2192)
• Philippines
1 Sep 08
You can create an account to yahoo and access their yahoo music site and whoo hoo there you have it all the music you would like to hear are there
@hichamov (507)
• Morocco
1 Sep 08
thank you for your answer, but i need to Stream the music i have in my Computer... not listen to music :)), something like shoutcast.com but this site is too complicated lol
• India
10 Jan 10
yeah i don't think there is any sites which gives you option to listen the Radio online without any cost as well...if you came to know about any site then please do tell me aslo