is it difficult or not possible to read woman's mind

August 31, 2008 12:28pm CST
hi everyone, i hear many people saying and believing that its difficult to read a woman's mind and they have many things hiding inside them.. but what i believed is that, if its difficult to read a woman's mind, then reading a man's mind is also a difficult or impossible job.. what do you feel, share with me
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• India
5 Sep 08
see, reading anyone's mind is difficult. but never impossible. there are many people who can mould their feelings so well that you do not have a hint what they are up to. so, men and women is not the problem. the problem is the MIND...
@vijbas (369)
• India
4 Sep 08
its definitely difficult to read a women's mind. we cant guess how they will react in any situation. they think they are the best in anything and behave differently. they are also over expressive sometimes which makes us to make a wrong decision abt them. They are like glass. So "Handle Them with Care"
@Humbug25 (12551)
3 Sep 08
Hi there vinesh_kcm As I am a woman myself I would said that it is definately imposible to read a women's mind. A man can never do right by a woman! When she says no she usually means yes and when she says yes she usually means no and expects a man to know what she wants!!
• Guam
1 Sep 08
It is difficult to read the mind of anyone just like that. Not even professional physiologists can do this by themselves. They need get some information from you the patient, and make their final analysis which is based of scientific theories. Anyway, reading peoples minds is different from sensing their condition(sad,happy,etc)Reading the mind is deeply intellectual and very precise, which makes it impossible with our own power. However, we know a person's mood or condition when we observe his/her facial expressions. Thanks to the face muscles!! and yada..yada..yada :) Anyway, no matter how you think that you know your spouse or consort like an open book-you don't! For you can't know what's going through their mind if you don't ask them to tell ya :)
• Malaysia
1 Sep 08
hi vinesh, i totally agree with your description on the matter : every human being is created with their own individuality .. everyone is different from each other ... each persons needs differ from one another... the day when the husband eats and the wife feels full ... is the day a one individual will understand another individual ( do you understand this statement) i will eat when i am hungry .. you can not take me for lunch and force me to eat until i am hungry . If i am hungry ... you can not say you already have lunch and ask me to wait until dinner time . the above description actually explains that you will never ever be able to read another persons mind be it a woman or man ... being a woman, sometimes my husband have said this to me .. but i can explain why .. i like to go holidays .. but when we are out on holiday i can see that my husband is tired or his mind is not settled. the next time he asks me out i will say its ok , we can stay at home for the holidays ... i just changed my mind because i am being accomodative to the situation not because i am confused or so .. Yes I love to go holiday .. No i don like to see his troubled look ... so i decide to give up my holiday for him .. whats the big deal cheers
@teka44 (3425)
• Brazil
31 Aug 08
Hi vinesh. I agree with you. Men and women are the same when it means to know what they are thinking. I think that it is because many people (women and men too)say one think and want another. Some people just can't be honest don't know why. But with women isn't so hard to understand them. Many times we want that the men do something in the espontaneous way without we need to ask for. And when the men don't do it we get angry LOL. It is so simple isn't? Cheers and have a nice sunday.
@tianli (311)
• China
31 Aug 08
Well, don't say that ,In fact ,no matter what kind of women ,they all like a pure-hearted person to make friends .If value her ,you just tell her what you think,and communicate with him .I believe you can do it well!