home video security

August 31, 2008 2:30pm CST
I'm looking for video surveillance system for my house and yard. I know some of my needs, but the field is wide open with so many choices. This is because my neighbors are horrid and throw rock and trash in my yard. I'm worried about what they will do next. I've already decided that I want Black and white. I don't need color and Black and white is better in low light situations, like at night. It's OK if some of the cameras are obvious, but I want a few hidden cameras for areas of special problems to monitor covertly. I need a multi- camera system and don't know were to start. I would prefer on that I can add more cameras as needed. Also I would prefer it was motion sensitive so it only recorded when someone or something was moving. Anyone out there? Can you help me find a good system that doesn't cost a lot of money? I'm on a budget. Please explain the pluses and minuses of each system.
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