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August 31, 2008 3:59pm CST
One thing i know is that people always have motives behind everything they do and i don't understand why they do that could you help me understand that more?
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4 Sep 08
I guess it would be human nature.Eveyone is in a different place in life and we are all forgeing forward but not so sure where we are going.I know if I meet a new person the first use I have for that person in company and knowledge. The more the relationship grows the more I can gain from that perrson as thet person will also gain from me.We all have a use for one another just a you are using th sytem for money and us for an anwser
@heaven11 (1159)
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31 Aug 08
i agree with the other response all anyone does is looks out for there self they could cae less about everyone else and ubfourtanly noone can say they never done anything just to benifot there self because at some point time everyone has had that shelfiness
@Deab1219 (94)
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31 Aug 08
People are only looking out for themselves and no one else which in the long run will only get us further into trouble with ourselves and cause us to have wars within our homes and stuff