let's be friends (=

United States
August 31, 2008 5:26pm CST
Okay, so, I've noticed some people on here seem to be actual friends (more than just another person on your list). So, I was wondering - who wants be become 'net/mylot pals? (= You could really help me get over my shyness. and, yes, I'm even shy on the internet, lol. Maybe introduce yourself and tell me a bit about you? Or ask me questions and I'll ask you questions. Whichever. !
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• Philippines
1 Sep 08
Hi there mistakesss! I've been here at myLot for over a year and so far, I have made some good friends here. One could have as many people in his/her friends list but only few can be considered as real friends. I have met a lot of great people here. They are very sincere and thoughtful. They are very caring and loving. I have not seen them in person yet but I can feel the sincerity in every message they send and even in the responses I get for the discussions I start. I do hope that you will be able to meet a lot of friends here. Count me in! Happy posting!
• United States
1 Sep 08
Hi Dolce (= Aw, that's wonderful! That's what I was hoping to find. I'm going to send you a friend request, love!
• India
31 Aug 08
Hi mistakesss, I couldn't as you said actual friends here. I try to make some real friendship here, but failed. I think here the people want only friendship in their participation only. Anyway im 21 year guy from india.Just completed my degree. Ask me mor
• United States
1 Sep 08
Hello Ajesh, thanks for replying (= I, myself, am not real great at making friends, either. Being shy isn't much fun. Really puts you in a loner state. I'm 18, female, and I'm from the US. What did you get your degree in? I'm wanting to go college to become a daycare teacher, but, at the point, I don't have the money for it.