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August 31, 2008 7:24pm CST
Okay anyone who's talked to me before know's my husbands inthe military, the Army to be exact, i have to admit its fun to a point but then there's those times when you have those dreams about him deploying that scare you. I have a few of those dreams, a couple of them i keep having over again, i don't think it means anything but its hard to watch him go into "work" as i call it decked out in his uniform, i've only a year left with him before he goes over there to fight for our freedom and to do his job, he thinks that i think of him as a killer, but he's only doing what they trained him to do and is only tryin to stay alive so he can come back home to me and the girls....I don't know, how many of you military wives out there feel like i do?
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@heaven11 (1159)
• United States
1 Sep 08
hi first of all i want to tell you and your husdband foir doing one of the hardest jobs him fighting for our freedom and you sticking by his side while he does it thanks and god bless to you and your family. okim not a military wife but my sister is and she has the same problem expect her hubby is deployed for the 3rd time she told me she thought it wlopuld be easier each time to watch him go but its auctually turned out to be harder every time but i do know its normalto feel the way you are good luck
• Canada
3 Sep 08
i'm 26, married to an older man, a Viet Nam vet. He was injured in Viet Nam, and has Post Traumetic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I pray for all Military spouses. I think it's nuts that people have to go off and fight. I know what you are saying, but it's really sad that they had to train your loving gentle hubby to do that, in the first place. That really really stinks. I am still pi$$ed off that my own hubby was DRAFTED and had to go to Viet Nam, even though that happened long before I was born. I don't like what the war over there did to him.
@Shar1979 (2723)
• United States
5 Oct 08
my husband works in iraq too so i feel your pain. it always scare me when we were talking when he's in his hooch then he'd say he'll be back. sometimes he just say he'll go pee but it would take him so long only to find out that they are under attack my missiles. it's really scary. the money they earn is not enough for the hard work they do there