The second episode: What if you're the boss?

August 31, 2008 8:53pm CST
Well, I started a discussion yesterday as:Does your boss upset you? And I get handful of responses. Survey says, 7 out of 10 responses hates their boss more or less. Then I can't stop thinking about this: Why all the bad guys become boss? Or maybe the case is when you become the boss, you'll be the bad guy anyway? So, I'm wondering, What if you are the boss? Will you still be yourself or you just can't help to become an irritation? Thanks to all the responses in episode one and I really love to hear from you again!
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@unikylin (69)
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1 Sep 08
hi,well,boss and employee are alaways opposite,right? Boss think as a boss did and so did employee,boss like to pay less while employee like being paid more,they alaways think in a antithetical position.So when a bad guy will be took as a good one if you are a boss,a bad guy in employee's eyes. "Bad or good" depends on which position when you are thinking, I think.
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7 Sep 08
Exactly what I am thinking! Thanks for your response.