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September 1, 2008 12:24am CST
I just recently heard from a member of my family that she heard starting mid September, ebay was not going to have auctions, but flat rate prices!!!!! I am in a bit of shock, and I also feel a bit angry about this as I LOVE the auction factor. It gives you a chance to get an awesome price, and lets all be honest the rush you get during those last few mins of somthing you are stone cold set in getting, and not letting anyone else have. I love looking, and going WOOOHOOO I got it. I feel like sending off an e-mail to ebay stating my total upset to this matter. I am hopful it was just gossip she read, but she informed me to look it up on google. I just started a side business with a friend makng made to order homemade soaps using theraputic scents like the spas use, also candles/tarts for tart burners, Jewelry, bath salts, lip glosses, and even homemade chocolate candies, and lollies. I wanted to list the ad on e-bay, but now not so sure if they are going to change the way ebay has been for years. UGH I am frustrated and venting. Anyone else have any opinions on this new turnaround?
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@Yoshi_ (156)
• Australia
1 Sep 08
I think they may have heard wrong. The whole purpose of ebay is for an auction site, they aren't going to change that. They've had a "buy it now" option for a very long time though, where the seller can sell the item for a fixed price. They had plans recently to make Paypal or COD the only paymeny options, but the accc stopped them. I'm glad they did.
• United States
1 Sep 08
I don't know. My parents told me today about it. I hope it is wrong, but if not we all should send them e-mails saying we do mot want the change.