Teacher going crazy at school...

September 1, 2008 1:21am CST
Today during maths class, one of the naughty boys that sit at the back of the class threw a paper plane and it knocked the teacher's glass of water over and it spilled over all our test results. Some people started cheering and some other people starting making paper planes. The teacher first started yelling but the class was making so much noise that they couldn't hear. Then the teacher started getting really mad and she banged her fist on the whiteboard. Then the door opened and other teachers were complaining about the noise. Our teacher went nuts. She threw all the wet test results on the floor and knocked over some tables. Has this ever happened to you before? If it has please share your experience here.
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• Australia
1 Sep 08
Wow! I have never seen a teacher lose control of their emotions like that before! That is VERY unprofessional! You should report the incident to your school principal.
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