Breaking the race barrier, when are women next?

@vellibiz (297)
United States
September 1, 2008 2:28am CST
we've all seen barrack whether, we love him or not. We know this is opening a door for minorities. But, with my last discussion. When is this country going to accept and normalize women running for office, in this day and age. A woman running for office, automatically get woman votes, not even knowing their policies. is this the way it should be "no". but i believe its ganna take years and alot of women to step up and make this a normal thing. right now its not fair. not at a negative view though. woman are happy to see another woman in high office. Untill they get used to see woman up there, there's always going to be a high margin of woman votes for a woman, whether or not she represent our issues. And again how do you debate against a woman, without gettin women voters angry? are men really going to have to "play it soft" for a while, i mean years before we can start electing who better suits the job.
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