How do you say "Happy Birthday" in your language??

@kissie34 (2296)
September 1, 2008 4:54am CST
Well, in our country which is the Philippines we usually greet our friends, family, relatives, other people same word as "happy birthday"... But for those who really speak tagalog (which is our national language) "happy birthday to you" here is "MALIGAYANG BATI SAYO" or "MALIGAYANG KAARAWAN SAYO".. I don't know what's the difference of the two but it has the same meaning... I don't speak tagalog when I greet to someone who is celebrating his/her birthday, I prefer to used the English word.. It is easy to say and for me it is good to hear... I also know another language for "Happy Birthday" in Chavacano which is "Felis CumpleaƱos"... Chavacano is the language used to speak in Zamboanga (also in the Philippines).. Well, they said chavacano is a latin language or similar in the Spanish Language since the Spaniards before live in our city for how many years and taught many Filipino people before on how to speak Spanish so that they can understand and communicate well.. It is called chavacano because it is not purely Spanish, it combines many other languages that used to speak here in the Philippines such as Bisaya, Tausug, Ilocano,tagalog, etc.. Chavacano is a combination of many languages here in the Philippines but half of its language is coming from the Spanish Language.. So, what about you?? How do you say "Happy Birthday" in your language?? Hope you will share to me and to others on how you greet your friends, relatives, family, neighborhood, and other people happy birthday in your own languages.. Happy posting..