Which is the best horror movie?

September 1, 2008 5:31am CST
According to me, I don't know which is the best horror movie. Can you please tell me. the movie .........
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• Indonesia
1 Sep 08
why? do you like horror movie? what do you mean with 'the best'; do you mean the scariest horror movie or how the movie was directed? anyway, i think the best horror movie is bram stocker's dracula. it is the best and the most artistic movie i have ever seen. coppola work very excellently in directing the movie. coppola is my favorite director. he is always make good movies. if he directs a drama movie, he will make a good drama movie. if he directs a horror movie, he will make a good horror movie.... i will also recommend you to watch six sense. that's is really well done and the ending is really surprising. the defect is: having a surprising end, it will not enjoyable to watch the movie twice.
• Australia
1 Sep 08
The last one you mentioned is actually called 'The Sixth Sense'. ;-)
• United States
22 Sep 08
The first movie that comes to mind is Wrong Turn. I don't know if it would be concidered the best horror movie or not though.
@Cannonball (3635)
• France
18 Sep 08
I would say there is a lot of good ones but the last one I watched was really good, Have a look at the trailer, http://www.cinemaroll.com/Horror/Martyrs-when-Gore-is-Transcending.257977 Enjoy!
@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
1 Sep 08
Best horror movie for me will be the thai movie, shutter ^_^ Following which will be the japan horror movie, The ring.. hehe =D SHutter takes top spot as it's more asian and more likely to happen to anybody in this world, thus making it more scary and horror ^_^ As for, The ring, the only horror i get is seeing the ghost coming out from the tv, and when the movie is 1st released in the cinema, alot of ple whom watched it are too scared to turn on their tv at night and scare to sleep in front of the tv.. lol =D But after some time, their fear is gone and everything is forgotten.. haha
@sodraja (58)
1 Sep 08
Hi roop ! According to me the best ever horror film has so far been "The exorcist". If you haven't yet watched the movie then I feel sorry for you . Go watch the movie .
• Australia
1 Sep 08
There are so many! The Shining The Ring 1 and 2 The Hills have eyes 1 and 2 House on haunted hill & return to house on haunted hill 28 days later & 28 weeks later Rose Red The entity Rosemary's baby Wrong Turn 1 and 2 Final Destination 1, 2 and 3 (which has an interactive DVD!)