Why is my computer not reading my usb drive???

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@know21 (1251)
United States
September 1, 2008 9:39am CST
my computer definitely knows it's there because when i clicked 'display device components' under 'safely remove hardware,' it says the name of the hard drive. so why can't i access it??
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• India
1 Sep 08
try to reinstall the usb driver's i too had this problem few days back i re installed the drivers and got it back and the problem is due to some virus i got from net...... hope your problem will be solved..... let us know whether it is solved or not..........
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@know21 (1251)
• United States
1 Sep 08
Thank you for your help. I reinstalled the device and my computer is not reading it. Tried in a different computer, and it works find. I know the last time it did this I reformatted my computer, and it worked find,don't want to go a threw that again.
@hichamov (507)
• Morocco
1 Sep 08
hello, maybe your usb drive is Fake ... try to plug it at another computer or a friend's computer and see if it's work, otherwise it's a problem at your own system and you have to resolve it, Repair your windows installation..
@strossuss (125)
• Philippines
2 Sep 08
maybe your PC is infected by a virus, that makes your PC unable to detect a USB drive