father-son relationship

September 1, 2008 10:00am CST
As far as i know, many father-son relationships aren going well, take my own daddy as an example, my grandfather didn even want to talk to my father! and many friends of mine think the same thing! one of the reasons which contribute to this might be that fathers always been hard on sons in their whole lives, and they dont communicate well. Do father-son relationship aren good as mother-son relationship? Or what are the reasons for that?
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1 Sep 08
Hi merrycherry, People I have come across in my time and know families, I notice that father and daughters are close and mothers and son are close, but if fathers wants their soons to follow their footsteps and sons don't that can create a problem for them but I know really know as my father passed on when I was a child and mum brought all of us up single handed but my brother was closer to my mother. Tamara
• China
2 Sep 08
Yes. i can get it. thank you for your response, take care!