Cash - PICTURE OF SOME MONEY.... I WISH I HAD THT MUCH MONEY... then i wouldnt have to do this so i could earn some cash :)
November 5, 2006 12:58pm CST
I love ebay, all my life i have used it, its just so great!!! Evrything is so much cheaper than if you went to a shop... + You can get everything and anything you need or want... why do people hate ebay so much? as i say i love it? Do you Love or Hate ebay? Why............
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@Juli_angel (1063)
• Israel
5 Nov 06
ebay, ha?... is it safe? i've been thinking of joining it... and by the way, did they ask for your credit numbet?...
5 Nov 06
Yeah its safe... You sign up and give a credit card information whihc they then withdraw all the money from! Lol jokes... Yeah its safe its awesome just check it out!!!! only take a few mnins to set up.... Good Luck
@kylesmiles (1914)
• United States
5 Nov 06
picture - picture
I've been addicted to ebay so I have to keep myself away from that site! :( My mom is really bad. She's probably bought over 1000 things from them... Sometimes I don't trust ebay and some of its members... I hate getting scammed.
5 Nov 06
I aint ever been scammed... I did have to give the package containing a phone and... the money back... as royal mail lost it... i was so angry..:( But i made the Cash Back... Check out the image of my Cash!! Wahooooo