New site! Groundhogdaybux!

@Beaver72 (446)
September 1, 2008 3:57pm CST
Wel not really but thats what its begining to feel like here at MyLot! So many posts about bux sites, why? Every day i see posts about why ppl cant access bux sites, are bux sites a scam? What i dont understand is why post about BUX sites at MYLOT? Why not post about BUX sites at BUX sites? (the ones that are working anyway lol) its a bux epidemic! Personally i'm not a member at any bux sites and dont intend to be, they dont round reliable at all! Anyone else fed up of seeing bux posts at MYLOT or am i the only one that feel like its groundhog day with these posts? Sorry to rant but its really gettin on my goat now
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