How many times had your heart been broken?

September 2, 2008 1:49am CST
I had 4 boyfriends in the past including not serious relationship. Let us just say puppy love. LOL! Regarding the question, I had once hurt and hopefully nothing follows because he caused so much pain to me. In fact, I cried for 3 years after our break up. I really loved him but I admit that it was my fault. I didn't show him my love instead I made him foolish to the people to the extent that I denied that we were on already. Now, I am still regreting and some point of my time I think of him still. He has already his gf and as the years we broke up are the years that they are still on. =) They are right tha regrets are always in the end but it's ok because I now moned on and in fact I have my bf who is very sweet and loving. What more can I ask for? This time I'll do my part as her gf to make our relatioship longer and better.
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@adthacker (197)
• India
2 Sep 08
i feel broken heart and this all are stupids things of life any relation need trust and pure heart if u cant trust on ur relation or cant be stick with one relation that its ur weakness u cant blame that any one heart u and ur heart is broken scientificly if ur heart is break that u cann't live u will die with a second so just think whats wrong in ur relation and avoid that mistake in future
@sunkissed (4332)
• United States
2 Sep 08
Well I too had my heart broken once, and really in the process of happening again.There is nothing in this world worse than breaking up with the one you really love, it is devistating.But there is a reason for all things and in time the right one will come along. I am happy for you, that you now have your prince charming. Hope I find mine before I am too old to enjoy..