New computer....a god friend or....

@anetteh (3591)
September 2, 2008 5:33am CST
Well, friends, for a month ago my old computer went crazy. It only realoaded over and over again. It was old, I thought to my self it´s time for a new one. So, I said to my son, I am going to get a new one. But while I was at work, he worked the hole day on the computer and hade the luck to fix teh problem with it. I used it when I came home and I must say he maneged to fix it to be better than before it went I thought, well mabe the old one can stick for some time more....however, since my son did manage to fix it, I thought he should have I went on and bouthgt my self A new with the lates stuff. Now he and I can be online at the same time using the same broadband. Why did I need a new one than, well I work with ptr and surf a lot in TE.s so my computer has to be god and well protected. But I wonder if the computer have not become your best friend, before the living people. What do you think. Do you spend to much time online rather than spend it with Your love once?. I have noticed lately that I do not watch TV as much as I did before. And If I was not online, I problably would lay on the sofa and just catch the eye on the dummiebox.
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