Time Trick?!?

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September 2, 2008 6:15am CST
why is it that when you're expecting a date/day to come, time runs slowly? and yet when it is the time that you don't want the day to end, time runs so fast? how ironic isn't it? have you ever thought about it? Just last August i am very excited preparing for our 50th Monthsary with my boyfriend. its not just an ordinary celebration since we are miles away. so i have to go to his place where in i have to travel via plane to spend and celebrate that special occasion with him. as i was preparing, i would say that i really felt time runs to slow. i even sleep a lot so that i will not think of the time and just wake up realizing time is coming. but then when the time come, i wanted to stop the time so that i could spend more time with him, unfortunately it seems like time runs so fast.. i don't even wanted to sleep so that i wont waste any single moment but inevitable time still came and i have to leave him again and travel back to my home town. it was so sad since it would again take us months and months to see each other again. if only i could turn back the time when we were still happy spending time together..i just miss him terribly..=c..how about you, have you ever experienced like mine? trick of time..
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• Singapore
2 Sep 08
yeah it is perfectly normal. when you are with your loved ones, and having fun, time always pass fast. yet when you are sad and don't feel like doing anything, time will seems to pass slowly. this phenomenon has been explained by Einstein. he even used a example of the two people, one in a moving car and another by the road. the one in the moving car can see the one by the road. but to the person by the road, he cannot see the person in the car. actually,time itself passed at the same speed. it depends on how the person feel at the particular time.
• Philippines
2 Sep 08
thanks for your comment! it was very informative! Godbless and HAppy mylotting!