could anyone give some tips on having a successful and happy life?

@shen25 (141)
September 2, 2008 7:52am CST
hi to everyone.. could you please give me some tips and ideas on having a successful life and a happy life.. i would like to know some of your points of view on my question... thanks
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• United Kingdom
2 Sep 08
Hi Shen, You are all smiling in your picture so you look pretty happy! What is a successful life though? Do you class success in terms of money? How much you earn? Or are you at the opposite end of the spectrum? You're not that worried about money and you create your happiness, success by other means. For me, I guess success is feeling content inside. I'm a positive person anyhow but there were times when I was just so negative and I would be down in the dumps all the time. I think that your own success would be different from someone else's success. We all look at this area differently I think. I would love to have money, without a doubt! If I don't have any money in my pocket though, I would still class myself as successful, I would still class myself as being happy if I just had satisfaction deep inside. I hope you find what you're looking for. Andrew
@Grimze (76)
• Egypt
2 Sep 08
Thats kinda tough question. But i have to say it starts from inside you. You have to "understand", understand everything, the people around you, there actions, why they do something, this way you will understand who loves you, and why they do, also who doesnt love you, and why you can change it. You have to also "accept", whatever bad happens to you, accept it if it cant be changed, you are not the only one who had a bad moment, no one will ever lead a perfectly happy life from start to end. And most importantly, you have to "fight", dont just sit there, whatever you need, strive for it, even if it looks to hard. i mean, whats too hard? you only live once, and whatever you want wont get easier, it will always be as hard as it is, if you never fight to get it, then you will simply never get it. would you rather take whats easy that you dont like, or fight for whats hard that you want? and dont fear the consequences, like i said, you will always have bad times, i personally would rather have bad times fighting for something i want.
@creationhub (3068)
• Malaysia
2 Sep 08
Life will be happy or terrible not because of how rich or poor we are. It is all about how we feel about life. You can be poor yet happy or rich yet without joy. Money is not everything but everything has to do with money. If you are the master of money and not the slave, then you will understand peace and joy.
@James72 (26829)
• Australia
2 Sep 08
All I have to say is that it starts from within. As long as you are able to embrace a positive and happy attitude and mindset to all you do in life then the rewards WILL come. It is not easy and it does take time but if you BELIEVE in your success and happiness then both WILL come to you. Law of Attraction!
• Singapore
2 Sep 08
actually, it would depends on how you view successful. for some it would be earning lots and lots of money but for some, being able to make time for their children make them a successful parents. to lead a happy and successful life is to be able to set a goal that you can achieve and feel the accomplishment. i assure you that you would be happy with your life.
@landi927 (657)
• China
2 Sep 08
Tips? I will tell you to enjoy. Enjoy what you own and have in your life. That can makes you feel life is wonderful. I'm very appreaciate what i have in my life, so my life is happy and wonderful.