What are the causes and symptoms of heat strokes?

September 2, 2008 9:08am CST
What is heat stroke?How can we prevent this kind of sickness?What shall we do to avoid this? This afternoon, i've feel something on my face, i feel like its burning, or i mean, do you know what's the feeling when you put an ointment (vicks vaporub) on your skin..I ask my husband to look at my face if its become reddish he said no, i'm already crying because of pain that i've feel, don't know what to do, he ask me to wash my face and try to rub an ice on my face, and it takes too long before the pain gone, actually its not totally gone i can feel the pain until now. This kind of feeling just encounter this time. I don't know why and what is the cause of this feeling, could anyone answer me, what are the symptoms of heat stroke?I ask this question 'cause someone told me that this what i've feel is one of symptoms, if so, what should i do to ease the pain?And how can i prevent this kind of sickness?
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@Dhanoe (7)
• Indonesia
2 Sep 08
that was not a hearts stroke symptom, defenitly not. An hearts srotke symptom is the back of your neck is heavy, your emotion is high. to avoid that is dont eat too much, reduce fat. from what you mention is you got an alergic, may be you got a wrong cosmetics (not suitable for your skin), wrong eating (see what you have been aeting last 2 hours backward before. or last night before you go to bed
• Philippines
2 Sep 08
heart stroke? sir, i'm looking for heat stroke not heart stroke,,sorry, i'm not using any cosmetics just a powder that i always use too...i only eat fish before it happens, do u think its allergy?...thanks for response.