Dementia- should there be more movies about this topic?

South Africa
September 2, 2008 10:09am CST
I am a nurse and I have taken care of demented patients it is both hard and sad.Families very often don't come and visit because they don't know how to deal with this problem. Should there be more movies about this type of issue?What are your thoughts mylotters.
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@rosern (2)
• United States
4 Sep 08
I am a nuse also, I think that this movie was great! It was a little sad but it brings to light all the lonely people left aside. It lets us see that there is still hope for everyone even if for a few minutes. Let not forget about our family members with dementia or anyother health problem that might set them apart.
• South Africa
13 Sep 08
Thanks for your response. I have started up a website for the elderly it is still in the begin fase but hopefully it will get there. Thanks mylotter
• United States
2 Sep 08
I have worked in hospitals and nursing homes caring for all ages and all kinds of patients and residents. I have noticed the same as you. Families don't come to see their loved ones as I would go and sit and talk to the patient or resident on my breaks. It was great to see them smile. They seem so happy when you take five or ten minutes of your time to share with them.
• South Africa
2 Sep 08
I did the same as you talk to them spend time with them.But I really think thre should be more awareness made about this issue films would be a great media to do this. I hope it will still happen it can help alot of people.
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
11 Aug 10
Well i am not sure..if any movies are available.
• Philippines
3 Oct 08
Im interested to watch a movie featuring dementia. I gives us idea of what it is and show us the lives of the people struggling to it with their loved ones. I hope to see a movie that could give some inspiration on how to deal live amids this challenge. I want to see many perspectives of it and understand in a more broader sense what life meant to be for a victim and for their family.