How clean are you?

@razor123 (979)
September 2, 2008 12:22pm CST
I'm talking about housework, maintaining your room etc. Ive been think about asking this, because I'm pretty sure there are a lot of people here that wouldn't be, considering the time they spend on there PC's, forming a lack of motivation. Sometimes I'm so glued up to the computer that in the morning I forget to do my bed up and my mom has to tell me to do it up or she does it for me.
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• Malaysia
5 Nov 08
I always make sure the level of cleanliness in my home do not come to a low level. I admit I am lazy at times but when the toilet gets dirty I will clean it up. I will never make my house look like a rat's house. At least I will maintain it so that it would be presentable when an unexpected visitor comes to my home. Just yesterday I took some time to clean the toilet because it is getting dirty. You see, I have three toilets to take care of in my home and you can imagine how difficult it is to maintain the cleanliness of all of them. I only use two of them but my husband uses all and never does the cleaning up. I do all the cleanliness maintaining job in this home because my husband's level of cleanliness does not match with my level. Lol. He is easily satisfied with a low level of cleanliness and tidiness while I can't. Yeah, today I haven't made my bed yet because I am working on my bed (posting in mylot - lol) but whatever it is I will make sure it is tidy after I finished doing this.
• United States
2 Sep 08
...When I was young, my mom cleaned house once a week. When I was in Japan, my sister-in-law cleaned her house everyday! She broke out the rubber gloves and ammonia to wipe everything down and mop the floors. When I had my first baby and was pregnant with my second a few months after having my first, I named dust puppies. ...Now, I work two jobs and get my kids to dust and vaccuum once per week. They take turns and this frees me up to take care of the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry. I have to remind my kids to make their beds too. ...Have a great day and peace be with you. =(^;^)= Della