Walked away with no warning..

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September 2, 2008 8:48pm CST
Hello Mylot, I know its been a while..but with me being a student and trying to work was just too much..So I have a little bit of free time and time for thinking so i decided to come and just chat about an issue that ruined my labor day weekend. Well For some of you guys that didn't know , I had found a newbie (boyfriend) After being in love with my exboyfriend for a year and a half , I finally got over him and moved myself into another direction with another guy. Anyways, this other guy had knew my friend and him and I had started talking and so forth..Anyways long story short were dating for about two weeks but we had been talking for about a month or so. I really started liking him a lot and he "said" he liked me a lot too but hey anyone can say things to say em. I don't really know if I had fell in love with him but I just really had this feeling that him and I would be together for much longer than we were. So his birthday was this past saturday and I got him a gift . Nothing so big because of course we still are new into the relationship...So we hung out on saturday for his bday and he seemed very happy and stuff...So I thought he would have enough sense to txt me or call when he had got home after we hung out but he didnt. so the next day "sunday" He usually txts me in the morning saying "good morning" or something...no text what so ever. So later that day he txts me and say " hey" and im like hey whats up..anyways keeping the conversation smooth , he was just acting very random and not himself...first of all , he usually texts and say "hey baby" but i just got a "hey"....soo after that I txted him later that night and said " are you and I over?" and he said he didn't know...so i said well its a yes or either a no answer. He said "yes" of course it hurted me , so i asked why and he said he didnt know...blahh blahh blahh i didnt txt back , so the next day (monday) laborday , I checked my , myspace and he had sent a comment saying " im so sorry for saying those mean things in the text last night i was drunk" So i said i 4give you .....so Im thinking maybe he didnt mean to say him and i were over , so i go to his myspace and he changes it and it says single...so im like wow !!!! anyways I txted him today and just said hey and i asked if he still wanted to talk to me and he said "NO" so i just said "okay" and left it at that..now my heart is empty im feeling really sad and lost I just don't know what to do anymore, Before him I had just got out of a hard relationship with my ex and now it seems like im back to where i started....What should i do ? should i message him on myspace ??? let me know..if i call him i dont know what to say, he already said he didnt want to talk to me anymore so im lost...Please dont tell me to move on ...it may seem easy but when you're hurt think about it if you were in my shoes..
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6 Sep 08
hello! the guy's not worth it. You deserve someone who's more sensitive of your feelings and who you could trust and truly care for. I think its better that you let go off the guy now before he hurts you really bad. You won't regret it.
3 Sep 08
I am so sorry this has happened. He is not worth getting into a state over. I know that is easy for me to say but I have been through heartache myself and now I am married to a great guy now. There is the right person out there for you. You will find him when the time is right. At the moment just go out with your mates and enjoy yourself and forget about this loser. If he can treat anyone like he has you then he will lose out because he could have been with a very nice person, you.
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3 Sep 08
Here's an outsider's opinion. It's his move. There's nothing for you to do, and nothing you do will bring about an accurate response. Good Luck and Happy Mylotting.