Don't you feel serving your own enterprise is the key to happiness?

September 2, 2008 11:08pm CST
Everyone likes freedom. It is the inherent character of every human being; I don't mean accepting leadership and dedication towards organizational needs are not. However, there is nothing like a free mind and soul who can draft his own objective of life and pursue it with all seriousness. Also one will not be compromising with one's likes and dislikes; one can be choosy about everything one comes across. And the best thing is that the person writes his own ethics and business discipline. One can always keep his life's value system intact. One can hold his ethos at the highest place. Achievements, satisfaction, money and wealth, opportunities, growth and future prospect - everything is in your control. You become your own master. You abide by the directions that God gives you or follow your instinct and make use of what you have learnt from others and the lessons you have been taught by your teachers and parents. This is indeed the best option - your own business has resources that are endless. Be master of these resources and use them in right perspective. You will win 'GOLD'.
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