what 's wrong with the foot team of China?

September 3, 2008 7:00am CST
foot team of China has been always hurting the heart of Chinese people for the latest decades. I always wonder that the population of china is one fifths of the total ,why the nation can't elect some genius players?
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@Boatter (37)
• China
3 Sep 08
Hey, Robert, thank you for your cencern of the football team of China, I'm a Chinese, my hurt heart makes me think this question rationally. The first thing is the short history of popularization of football in China. There was not vocational football games in China until 1994. As we know, some of football teams in Europe have more than one hundred years histories. The professionalisation is very important to improve the level of a country's football. Secondly, we have many great teeage footballers accurately, but regrettably, their football dreams were spoiled by the terrible training system, such as bribee referees, pecuniary rules and so on. Thirdly, Chinese footballers are lack of football tactics. China often employs foreign coaches, but few of the palyers have experiences learned from great players , coaches and teams all over the world. What footballers need is not only strong bodies, but also smart minds, it seems impossible to have both of them in a poor football environment.