do you use cheat codes on computer games ???

United States
September 3, 2008 7:30am CST
lol ... sometimes i use cheat codes on computer games ... because they are hard to play from keyboard ... like i use cheats on GTA San Andreas .... do you people use cheats ??? post here ....
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@Grudee (66)
• Thailand
4 Sep 08
I used to use the cheat code once when I can't solve the mystery in the game. But after that the game is no longer interesting or exciting because I can get everything very easy.
@Cley_CJ (105)
• Malaysia
4 Sep 08
I don't use cheat. It just kills the value of the game. To me, using cheat is like giving up and you didn't push yourself to solve the game properly. No matter how frustrated I am with clearing a level, I just stop for a while and return to that level the next day and eventually I'll clear it. There's more satisfaction to that than using cheat. If I ever use cheat on my first run of the game, it usually means that the game sucks:D
• United States
3 Sep 08
Nope! LOL although this game called Resident Evil 4 is really funny because you can modd alot of things on there,it is not really cheat codes it just makes the characters outfit look different from the way it was o:
@xphunt3r (244)
• Nepal
3 Sep 08
Yes i too used cheat code in some game. But it makes so easy playing that's why I never look for any cheat because it reduce the entertainment of games.......
@orochi (318)
• Denmark
3 Sep 08
Well i once used to but i figured out if you only use cheat codes and when playing without you have a hard time not activating cheats. Like i GTA i had the problems when getting difficult i couldnt stand cheating but i figured out the best thing is the real deal. But this day today im don cheating so im quite happy that i have real skills now.
@naka75 (797)
• Singapore
3 Sep 08
I love to use cheat codes for PC games, GBA games on emulator, because it saves a lot of time especially when you need to overcome a difficult level or defeat a difficult boss. Besides it allows you to fully enjoy the game and complete all the levels without being getting frustrated. Since there are official cheat codes, we should at least try it and experience an entirely new level of gaming. I think cheat codes help me to appreciate the games better, and I would buy more games in future.