why does it alwasy have to be?

September 3, 2008 7:30am CST
everytime i went online, chatting while surfing or updating my mylot account and other accounts, i often went to a site for chatting in different regions. this is what i always got, everything started with the three letter code ASL and for sure you know what it meant. perhaps this is just the usual line for pepz who would like to make fun online.. which i'm not really good in playing around and i dont like to be maltreated! they often asked you like where are u located and stuff like that, after mentioning you're from Phils, they would say "that's great" which held a hidden question within myself. well, perhaps of what they often heard about Philippine women ignites for major prostitutions.. and i am one of the concern citizen, who would like to scream to anybody who would belittle us, as much as i want to insult them, making them realize that not all filipina women making money out of showing their own flesh online.. not all of us would just like to converse online for being in a situation of having a financial constraint.. with our economy right now, of course all of us need to earn more, for us to meet the demands of our life.. instead of doing so, we could think of something better than showing something ridiculous online! if you have any suggestions as well, pls feel free to add your comment!
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@razor123 (979)
• India
3 Sep 08
Ahhh.. ASL stands for (A- Age, S- M/F I'm sure you'll know the 'S' word for that Hehehe...and L - Location). I first came to know about the full form of this when I had once chatted in yahoo chat rooms. When I entered any room just to see what yahoo chat rooms were like 100's of windows popped up asking ASL...ASL...ASL.. I was wondering what the hell does ASL mean?? One of my other friends who was online at the time, I asked him hey buddy what does ASL mean? Then he told me the full form. Then I said to my self no wonder all were asking me that question Lolzzz... Many times its the guys who ask that question to find a girl to chat with.