I woke up one day and I was fat!

@AbbeyB (670)
September 3, 2008 7:48am CST
It seems to have crept up on me and I do look in the mirror everyday but one day I seemed to look ok and the next I looked awful, how does this happen? I need to lose weight but really cant be bothered which sounds awful! Help I need to be thinner LOL
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@ryzach (1546)
• United States
3 Sep 08
Hey this happened to me too. Unfortunately I noticed awhile back and haven't done anything about it until recently where I have been eating smarter. Not much bread anymore or pasta. We used to have a heaping plate of pasta, sausage and sauce at least once a week, gave that up about 3 months ago. My weakness is soda pop. I love Pepsi but have been had much less of it than I normally do. Been drinking alot more water(not my favorite) and it helps keep the weight off. I limited the amount of sweets I have. I guess I just don't overindulge any more and just watch what I eat. If I still want the burger and fries I still have it but now with limits on how often. My problem is exercise, if i would just do it more often i would start seeing better results. It is just a matter of disipline thats all which most days I do not have. I do not want to get any bigger so I better get busy with the exercise. Go for a walk, be aware of what you're eat, don't overindulge. Good luck to you.
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@AbbeyB (670)
• Spain
3 Sep 08
Thanks glad to see it wasnt just me LOL
@razor123 (979)
• India
3 Sep 08
That is really strange. Usually growing fat is always a gradual process my friend. It just doesn't happen overnight or something like that. I've also but on a lot of weight over the past few months buy as I said not in just 1 days. Very very little each day which I didn't make out earlier but then it slowly started getting noticeable. In order to reduce don't ever go on a crash diet buddy else you'll land up sick and feel giddy. Also it would affect your health in the long run. Just cut down of fatty food and eat more fruits as they don't give you calories. Also whatever you eat just eat a little bit less of everything and go walking about or exercise a bit. I thing all this should help you pull down your weight.
3 Sep 08
diet pills i bought mine off ebay the do work carb o slim theyre called i use them and i was a size 12 i am now a size 6 to 8