The Strongest Anime for The Month of September

Hoolow Formed Ichigo Kurosaki - A Hollow Formed Ichigo Kurosaki, This Evoltuion were Experimented by Kisuke. The "Mixed" Formed. A Bankai of an Shinigami and Hollow Form Like Ajucar.
Unstopable Form that the Vaizards was afraid of.
September 3, 2008 8:06am CST
Ichigo Kurosaki: Skillful Shinigami has a Ability to use Bankai plus Hollow MAsk Formed. bankai has a power of 10,000,00x Power from a normal Shinigami and having hollow formed which makin him 10,000x more powerful.. jajajaja What More if He Became the Ultimate True Formed Hollow!!! ^_^
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