The Unseens in Life

September 3, 2008 8:48am CST
It was one regular day for me until something happened which made me drop everything i was doing and meditated on the Divine. I always leave the bathroom door open whenever i wash one of my boys so i can hear the other one playing (my way of making of their safety) so while i was bathing my one year old, the door just closed, "bang!" I thought it was my older son playing, so i went out immediately to see where he was. He was watching cartoons in the living room. I told myself it could be the wind, but from where? The bathroom windows were closed. This never happened before, and i could not think anymore, analyzing how it happened. I was not afraid. I thought of the possibility of unseen, spiritual beings, playing around or just messing up with my thoughts. Ghosts? Demons? Aliens? Angels? I decided it was an angel. So i prayed. I chose to think that their purpose is to remind us that we are more than just bodies, and that we need to connect, everyday with God, so that we will find meaning and beauty in the mundane of our dailyness.
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@razor123 (979)
• India
3 Sep 08
Hey pinkytabor that's really strange what happened. But if its just happened once I don't think its some spiritual beings. But if you observe such things happening again or some other really strange things happening then you have to be careful about it. In such situations the best things would do is pray to god and you did the right thing. Pray for help, strength and protection to face what ever is happening. But I hope no such things every happen to you or anyone of your family members again. Just trust in God have faith in him and he'll take care of everything.