What kind of courtship do you have in your place?

@JannaLee (660)
September 3, 2008 10:20am CST
Courtship is one of the main methods how we find partners in my place. The bad thing is that only male has the capability to express their emotions. Nowadays, females have the guts to express what they feel, but there are times when they are branded by the society or by the people around them. I for one, I express myself and the way I feel deliberately. I'm not the traditional or classical type, but still I consider courtship as an important process... Do you still have the traditional courtship at your place? If so, how? If not anymore, how do you guys end up with your lovers?
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@lemayan (188)
• Germany
3 Sep 08
the society has always judged women harshly women are expected to be more submissive than to their male counter parts and more so saintly, most societies even expected the ladies to be virgins when it came marrige and no questions were asked when it came to the man if anything he was expected to be exprienced otherwise how would he please his bride to be? expressing yourself is your right and as far as people around you are concerned it is none of their business after all human beings will always brand you or better have an opinion of you whether your good or bad