Diabolo juggling

September 3, 2008 11:16am CST
How do people, I just noticed that there were no real discussions about diabolo juggling andI thought that had to be rectified. Any way if anyone on here does juggle diabolo then feel free to get in touch and maybe we could all share advice on new tricks and wwhat equipment we all use. I'll start things off. A the moment the sticks I've got are some cheap ones I got in a yoho set, they wree too long for me (Iprefer the shorter sticks) so I cut them down but they're made from carbon fibre so they're great for grinds. I also have 4 harlequin diabolos, two medioum and two jumbo. I've found that the jumbo ones are easie for learning two, but I can still only just get the shuffle going but they end up going way off axis and I can never correct them. My fave trck is my newest one the mini genecide. although I have put a couple of twists on it. I reckon it'll be easier when I get my new Sundia fly in a week or two. Has anyone used a sundia fly? What are they like?
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