myLot Discussion/Topic Management

@fedge098 (1331)
September 3, 2008 11:56am CST
After years of existence of myLot in the cyber community, I believe thousands if not millions of topics have already been posted for the whole world to read and respond. We read every post and every response to every topic we see on the screen of our computers. Daily, hundreds of topics are posted and thousands of responses are given. This topics lasts in the database for months, even if these are tagged as resolved. Topics are only erased from the circulation if these are found to be violating some rules in the community. Resolved topics, though, are still there and are being responded by the other myLotters. Not sure when the end of the discussion will be. i am, again, suggesting another myLot improvement. Why don't the authors be given the option to set a deadline for each topic before he choose the best response and have the discussion tagged as resolved? Say, one topic will be open for responses or opinions within 1 week or longer. Maximum may be one month. As being resolved means the end of the discussion, this would mean that the topic no longer needs additional input. (Sorry to those who were not able to meet the deadline. Besides its not all about the money, right?) Resolved discussions, on the other hand, will still be available for viewing up to three months. This is for the reading pleasure of the rest of the mylot community. This is also to inform them that the topic has already been posted. After three months the topic will be deposited for archive in myLot's server. It now depends on them on the length of time they'd be storing the files there before permanently deleting the files/topics. I figured this has become a sort of an audit of the daily operations of myLot. I am an auditor by the way and it is in my normal thinking to find ways on how to improve things. Except my life maybe. lol! I hope this suggestion would also improve our myLot experience. Thank you and keep on myLotting!
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