How is Earnmybux? Has it really Paid anyone? If yes then how much????

September 3, 2008 1:30pm CST
This is a website which belongs to a single admin who handles sites like cashmybux earnmybux etc etc. Is this site a genuine one? Has anybody been paid my them, if yes then how much till date with how many referrals? I just checked to see wether the admin is present or not. I contacted them via email by telling some just some idiotic issues about my account. Actually I wanted to see wether the admin is active or not. But shockingly, I recieved a reply within 24 hrs. I dont have any referrals in this website. Still by clicking alone, I hve reached upto 7.50 dollars till date. Now I am scared that while reaching till 10 dollars, the site will dissappear. So do tell me if anyone has been paid. There are many proofs in their forums, but cant belive them coz the payment proofs can be easily modified.
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