Are Women and Men Equal?

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September 3, 2008 5:40pm CST
Every once in awhile, I enjoy bringing up this topic on different discussion boards to find what the perspectives of the given community are and if they change over time. Since I'm new to myLot, I figured this was a good time to start the debate. So, what is your personal opinion? Are women and men equal? Have they achieved equal social status? There are many ways to take this question, and several things that could be discussed in this thread. Anything related to gender will do. Are the two genders equal on a mental level? What do gender roles mean to you? Are gender roles important, or are they a useless concept? Are gender differences caused by nature or nurture?I look forward to reading your opinions!Personally, I see the concept of "gender" as useless (note that I refer to "gender" here as a mental state, not a physical attribute). The cognitive differences between men and women have merely been created by society's expectations and clearly can no longer be applied to every man and every woman. Indeed, androgyny is rapidly becoming a more accepted mental state and is widely known to be a more healthy mentality by the psychological community. Women do not instinctively love Barbies and pink, just as men do not automatically love cars and blue. Certainly there are a fortunate handful of children whose parents allowed them to play with whatever they chose... and these children owned a mishmash of "boy" and "girl" toys.
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@3cardmonte (5098)
3 Sep 08
you said a mouthful! you sound like a sociology student, i only say that because i was one and we had to discuss this. Men and women should be equal and for the most part,legally speaking,we are. There are laws to enforce the rights of women to do any job that a man can do. However discrimination is still rife. The best examples of this are big city bankers,where, despite doing the same job, a woman will still receive less pay, women do earn a lower average pay than men do in the same job, which is disgusting. Attitudes towards women doing certain jobs ie, government would need to change dramatically as so many men still see it as the sole role of women to have babies. It's 2008, we should have evolved beyond this as a race by now!