running a diesel car or van for half price fuel

@gedd35 (30)
November 5, 2006 3:08pm CST
if you own a diesel car or van this may interest you,i have been running my ford transit van on biofuels so not only is the fuel less than half the price of diesel,it is also good for the enviroment as you are recycling.I have asked the police if there is a law againgst this and they call through to the police station, who called their solicitor and asked if there was anything they could do and aparently not, they did say the worst that could happen is if the customs and excize pulled me, they could get funny and try to charge me tax on what fuel i had in the tank, but the biofuel that is used has already had tax payed on it, so there is an arguement there, anyway the biofuel is used and strained vegetable oil, from chip shops or anywhere they do a lot of frying, they normally give it to you as they have to pay £2 a drum to have it taken away, anyway after straining mix 50/50 with diesel i have been running for 4 months now no trouble, also my brother has a little renault 1700cc diesel which he has been running so there you have it i now get 200 miles for every £10 of diesel i buy,if this helps you let me know many thanks, gedd
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